Weeknights and Sunrises

Marissa. 22. And I know, that the heart, of life is good

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I have two moods.

1. I am way too drunk for this shit.
2. I am not drunk enough for this shit.

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10 Things to Give Up

15. October 2014


1. Trying to please, and be acceptable, to others
2. The fear of making a mistake
3. The fear of change
4. A fear of the future
5. Guilt or shame that’s tied to your past
6. Beating yourself up or putting yourself down
7. Over-thinking
8. Living by your feelings
9. The desire to get even with others
10. The tendency to procrastinate.

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Jamison Elizabeth


My problem always is I’m just in love with everyone and that doesn’t mean I want to fuck anyone or put my mouth on anyone’s mouth or hold anyone’s hand.

I just want to sit down with most people and hear about how the color of the sky right now makes them feel. Or what the best joke they’ve ever heard is. I want to get to know people infinitely and listen and offer a beating heart and something solid to lean on.

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